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  • Under Pressure: Startup Company Turns Water into Power

    When Frank Zammataro thinks about water pressure, he sees an opportunity to create electricity. Zammataro, 53, is President and Co-Founder of Rentricity—a New York City energy company that has discovered a new way to tap into the excess pressure in water-treatment plants, reservoirs, and factories to help power our water infrastructure, which consumes four percent of America’s electricity.

  • Landlocked No More: Desalination Goes Inland

    “In my neighborhood in Amman, Jordan, we only have eight hours of water service a week during the summer,” Amer Sweity says. Sweity, 30, is working on his PhD in desalination technology at the Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in southern Israel, where he is the first Jordanian doctoral student at the university.

  • Solar Skylight Illuminates the Future

    Deep in the heart of Silicon Valley, an office building home to Google is about to become a prototype for a cleantech product that’s capable of harvesting the sun’s power in a whole new way. The product in question is EnFocus Engineering’s Diamond-Power panel—a high-tech module that’s one part skylight, one part solar panel.

  • OLEDs Stretch the Limits of Light

    From cell phones to television screens, billboards and even designer electronics, OLEDs are everywhere. And it’s easy to see why. Energy-efficient and long lasting, OLEDs are the go-to light source for a new environmentally aware, post-incandescent era. Already capable of being produced as thin and floppy as a sheet of paper, now scientists are taking existing OLED technology a step further, from bendable to the first fully stretchable OLED.

  • A Bright New Year: Looking Ahead to 2012

    There’s no reason to beat around the bush: 2011 was a challenging year for many industries, including cleantech and sustainable business. With a rocky economy and a complicated political landscape, businesses were forced to tighten their belts and get a little more creative. But let’s not harp on the past. If nothing else, celebrating New Year’s is about waving goodbye to where we once stood and focusing instead on where we’re headed. And so, we thought it only appropriate to couple our end-of-the-year reflection with a healthy dose of 2012 projection (and that I assure you will be my last rhyme).

  • Straight from the (crowd) source

    Although Jeff Howe may not be a household name, his most famous idea certainly is. Howe is famous for coining the term “crowdsourcing”—a concept that has taken Web 2.0 by storm and is already beginning to revolutionize the way citizens interact with their communities and government. While the execution can be complicated, Howe’s definition of crowdsourcing is simple: “the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent (usually an employee) and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people in the form of an open call.”

  • 11 INNOVATORS OF 2011 Micah Kotch: Supporting Sustainability

    As the Director of Operations for the New York City Accelerator for a Clean and Renewable Economy (NYC ACRE), an incubator focused on IT-based cleantech startups, Micah Kotch knows what it takes to bring an idea from conception to production in the clean energy and efficiency space. And he is dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs and startup companies make their sustainable innovations a lucrative reality.

  • The Comeback King: Flywheels Make a Surprise Return to the 21st Century

    The benefits of solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources are clear. Environmental progress, increased national security, and greater energy diversity are just some of the advantages these sustainable technologies provide. Still, a universally acknowledged challenge exists: the power renewable energy sources provide can fluctuate with literally every passing cloud. One solution that could help utilities stabilize the load on regional and national power grids involves an old technology taken to a colossal new scale: flywheels for energy storage.

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March 19-25, 2012 is world water week. UNICEF’s Tap Project will ask restaurants to ask their customers if they will pay $1.00 for the glass of water that comes with their meal. UNICEF estimates that each dollar is the equivalent of 40 days of clean water for a child. They calculate that 4100 children die daily due to water borne diseases. Approximately 900 million people do not have access to safe water. About 2.5 billion people are without adequate sanitation. Water access and sanitation cannot be…

Clothing: Organic Clothing for Men

Just a guy looking for a selection of organic clothing? Here’s a smattering of online choices that specialize in eco-friendly clothing. RAWGANIQUE – an easily navigable website selling a full range of organic cotton t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, pants, and undergarments. Many items are available undyed and unbleached. Some are even elastic free. The organic cotton clothing looks soft and yummy. Also many hemp and organic linen items. NAU – an eco-friendly clothing company that doesn’t look like one! Lots of…

Mobile Technology and the Future American Diet

Last week, GoodGuide founder Dara O’Rourke delivered a keynote speech at the Sustainable Foods Summit that focused on how mobile technology will transform the food system. Whether it’s bringing transparency to the marketplace (like our app) or improving food safety, there is no doubt that this technology can and will make a difference in how our food system operates. However, despite the various tech-based solutions presented to consumers, retailers, distributors, and farmers, there still remains the…

Ingredients – The Movie

Hey there bright world! How great is it that there are people out there so dedicated to a cause that they invest their time, money, and energy into creating a film to bring awareness of that cause to the masses?! Big ups to those in the documentary film industry! Now if only society treasured them in the mainstream as much as they treasured those lame ass, recycled CGI films…. ugh..groan! Anyways, I wanted to bring to your attention a very thorough, organized and informative documentary called “Ingredients…

Economics, pizza and bees

If you have been reading my blog, you will know that one of my intentions is to celebrate businesses and their charitable contributions to our society. Suzanne and Dominic Fielden run the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co., a pizza chain that combines fresh, healthy food with extensive community involvement. Suzanne and Dominic come from a background of consulting for major corporations on sustainability and environmental matters. When they decided to open a restaurant in Canmore Alberta with the goal of…

Everything Must Go

Everything Must Go……….Photo Credit: Amy Davidson I’m back! Yep it’s been nearly two months and in that time I’ve almost forgotten how to use WordPress and Twitter and everything else tech-related. I really dislike living online and I find the fact that it has become essential to my life both unnerving and frustrating. Ironically, I missed the best part of an important event last week because I hadn’t been checking my Twitter feed. Curses! Luckily my friend and sustainable fashion maven, Amy Davidson,…

Are Worms Natural? The Global Worming Debate

Photo: Male American Robin (Turdus migratorius) eating an earthworm. Source: Wikipedia. To be more specific, are earthworms natural? Â For the chronically busy and distracted, the short answer to that question is – absolutely not! Â Earthworms are not natural! Â Not even a little bit! Â At least they’re not natural if they’re non-native, introduced earthworms that are devouring the forest floor and radically changing the ecology of some hardwood forests in the northern United States. Science Underfoot…

The daily catch

Great news today! I’ve been given some contact details of people to visit on the voyage. In Vigo is CETMAR (a marine research facility for Galicia) who are working on a LIFE+ project (European funding programme) on recovery and re-use of fishing nets (which contain valuable nylon) and other fishing wastes. Estimates are 100,000 tonnes is currently lost in the UK either at sea (which creates lots of damage to marine vessels and marine biodiversity as well as ‘ghost fishing’) or is recovered and ends up in…